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Shop Update and New Podcast – An Accomplished Weekend!

I finished a big update in the art yarn shop today! You can check it out here: http://www.studioloo.com/handspunartyarn.htm

Here’s a sneak peek:

And, Episode 8 of the Muststashyo podcast is recorded, this one focusing on Mel Blanc – what a fun guy! I am cooking up some really fun things for the podcast that will be pottery and yarn centric. Here’s a look at where my thought process is going:

It was overall a great weekend of knitting, spinning, pottery and just relaxing. I had lunch at one of my favourite restaurants that have this lovely platter of dips they serve with warm pita –  kefalotiri, olive tapenade and hummus are my favourites.

That combined with a great shopping day, beautiful weather, new shoes….life is good!

WIPs, Lots of Socks and the Need to Plan

I finished a big art yarn update in the shop lastnight. Here’s a little peek:

The beginning of each year always makes me feel like I need to lay down some kind of plan for all the events that I have coming up and jot them down on a calendar and make sure I am not planning on being in two places at once. This year is no exception. I have already been pleasantly surprised at how many requests for spinning workshops and invites to speak at guilds and such I have received. I am really looking forward to it. I always love meeting spinners of all skill levels and getting a chance to open up a few horizons here and there.

Also, I received my copy of 50 Socks – 50 States and I really love it. It is very nicely rendered on linked PDFs that share some info. about each state and of course, the sock pattern:

You can get your own copy here.

This week I am going to try to tackle one of my many work-in-progress knitting projects that has been sitting by the wayside. I think I will start with this one:

It is a sort of freeform capelet that I started one day while knitting with some Ravelry friends at The Purple Purl. I need to work on the shaping and I am planning on trimming it possibly with this scallop edging. I need to knit a bunch of red and black mohair poppies that will attach to it as well.

I have been taking photos lately of little nooks and crannies around my house because I love seeing what people covet and collect.

This is on a bookshelf in my house…here live a few gnomes, antique cameras, doll heads and one of my smashclocks. In the month of January so far I have donated 2 full car loads of ‘stuff’ that I no longer need. I am on this mission to purge and get rid of as much stuff as I won’t die without as possible. I feel lately like I want to spend my money and energy more on doing the things that allow me to live my life, not create my life inside a house/box. I think that is a happier way to spend my time. Of course the collector inside me is screaming a little…

I need to make beautiful things that I can give away so that I still experience the joy of creating but I don’t have a life full of objects that overwhelm me. This is why I am so excited about being on the last of 3 sessions of local pottery classes until I am allowed to join the pottery guild and take on a new creative path. Here are a few of the spoils from my last class:

I also make a teapot and a yarn bowl that I am really in love with. This is another art with endless possibilities and opportunity to learn.

Tonight I am off to see The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. I had planned to see it lastnight but wanted to stay home and check out the new Kids in the Hall show ‘Death Comes to Town’. I am so glad that I did. For those of you who love Kids in the Hall like I do, you will totally understand. For those of you who don’t know them at all, they have a really great, sometimes raw humour.  Here’s a look at the trailer. It’s not for kiddies or the delicate flowers of politeness: