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Requiem Dream Toast

I am between travels as I write this – just returned from NY for Rhinebeck! (NY Sheep and Wool for you non-fuzzies) and heading on out to Maryland next week. But tomorrow is the Woodstock Fleece Festival so ya’ll should come on out and see me. I will be in The Black Lamb booth with Laurie selling many pretties.

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about the new love of my life, well, actually my husband’s life (as he was kind of a birthday present) – oh yes! Meet Toasty!!!

He is almost 12 weeks old and has finally reached 1 pound. He is a deliciously sweet puppy with a great attitude, and is unbelievably cute. He started puppy classes last week and handled being in class with all bigger dogs like a champ. I could not be happier that we got him. He’s awesome.

He is always climbing on Lulu and she has been very motherly and sweet about the whole ordeal. She loves him to bits.

Rhinebeck was a blast – I got some lovely fleeces, yarn and only a wee bit of fiber. It was great fun on Sunday though going antiquing in Catskill, NY and then driving through Albany. There are a lot of great flea markets and galleries and I got a lot of great stuff…he’s a peek – sorry for the bad photo.

I got a lot of great anthropomorphic ceramics, a box of dental molds, incredible doll molds from a pre-50s NY factory, fat quarters, little art pieces – great stuff.

Albany has this weird half-egg shaped building, among a ton of lovely, historic buildings.

Cutest goat at Rhinebeck:

Not much else happening, but look at these lovely mushrooms from my backyard:

A Bit of a Lovely Weekend

I went back home for the weekend past and it was such beautiful weather and very pretty outside. We took the ferry from Prince Edward County to Kingston and it was nice. I have always liked taking the ferry, just looking out over lovely landscape and feeling the wind on your face, smelling the lake. It’s nice.

And, on the way to Little Bluff the following day, I saw this little bun..

I spent a beautiful Sunday at Little Bluff. This is from the top of the cliff looking down on the stone beach.

The ground was really nice, dry and cracked.

Then I went down to the beach and took a swim in the crystal clear water. It was a little cold but nice because the stones are so warm.

Then, on the way home, Poppy was really sleepy.