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Currently Making – Yarn Love Challenge

Taking part in this challenge kind of got me invigorated to get caught up on a few things that I do, but they have been slacking a little. This is one yarny thing I am working on. So, a long time ago I was a part of a group on Livejournal that is now defunct. It was the original ‘Fiber Friday’ and each week a theme would be delivered to us and we would do something in the fiber arts to respond to it. As years past, and technology changed, I emailed the original creator of the group to see if she would mind if I took it over to Ravelry but it seems she too is no longer online. So, I went ahead and did it and the Fiber Friday group now lives on both Ravelry and Facebook. Admittedly I had not been doing the weekly updates. Life gets busy and I am not at a computer all the time these days. So, I decided to put together the graphic that can be used on all the sites and other social media and people can work along with it as they can. Feel free to participate! Tag your posts with #fiberfriday2017

Other than that I have also been working on trying to complete making a series of geeky themed yarns as I will be taking part in the Niagara Artist’s Spotlight at The Geekery Pub next weekend. The latest one I am working on is My Little Pony themed.

I also decided that as I am on maternal leave this year that I should try to take up some new learning and have settled on focusing a little more on textiles – specifically embroidery and cross-stitch. Cross-stitch had always seemed like such a dated craft to me until I came across The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and I am in love with their totally cute patterns. I am currently working away on the first of the Happily Ever After SAL (stitch-along) stories – The Owl and the Pussycat. I am finding it very addicting and trying hard to balance my time between this and the things I must do!

On the embroidery side of things I have been working for some time on the #bohosal, which is really big on Instagram. It’s a floral piece that I am just having fun with. I recently picked up the Boho Embroidery book and I would recommend it highly – it is fully of amazing photos, inspiring projects and great instructions for even the new stitcher.

Stitch n Kitsch this Weekend!!

This weekend is Stitch n Kitsch! I will have a lot of new yarns, limited edition and never before released! So, come on out and see us at Stitch n Kitsch – my setup is right inside the entrance door. There will be a lineup of amazing local artists from the Kitchener-Waterloo area with lots of goodies for your holiday shopping, or to spoil yourself a little! Hope to see you there!!



Kitsch it Up, Water it Down!!

kwkg fair badge vendorThis weekend is Kitchener-Waterloo’s annual KW Knitter’s Fair!  We will be there in booths 69 and 70 and I will have a ton of new things for this show – including a few new small batch lines of yarn and some other goodies!

The  the map can be found below:

KW Fair vendor outline 2015

Studioloo’s New Navigation and Plushies!

I try to life live in a ‘good thing a day’ kind of way meaning I like to try to make little improvements to things as much as I can, when I can. So, I spend some time making the navigation of Studioloo more visual, with less text. It’s always the designer’s toss up to decide if you want to gamble on using images instead of text because I think when you take any kind of technical education or have technical job experience, you always think of these users who really want to buy your stuff but their computer might be from 1982 so the graphics load really slowly and they only have 800×600 screen resolution. I am slowly stepping out of these dark age concerns though because I really like the look and feel of images better.

So, the shop now looks like this, and I like it better – http://www.studioloo.com/shop.htm


As I noted in my last post, it’s going to be a busy weekend with Saturday in Brampton at Art in the Open and Sunday in Peterborough at Lang Pioneer Village’s Festival of Textiles. So, if you are in the area of either , come on out and visit me.

Yesterday I also received exciting news that I was accepted in Visual Arts Mississauga’s Art in the Park show on September 22nd.  This is a beautiful space with indoor and outdoor galleries. Last year’s show was a lot of fun with food trucks, great artists and live music. I will be out on the lawn.



I have placed a few new handstitched plush toys in the shop. Grab them now or they are destined for Art in the Open tomorrow.

All available plush can be found here: http://www.studioloo.com/toysandplush.htm

Have a lovely weekend!

4th Annual Mad Potter’s Tea Party

The Mississauga Potters’ Guild, a guild that I belong to, is in it’s 4th year of this amazing tea party and fundraiser that keeps our guild running and inspiring potters in this area. I wanted to send out the invite to everyone because it is a really nice event. It is nice to see the spirit of all of the artisans in our guild come together, making mugs and tea cups, lovely pottery pieces such as tea pots and platters to raffle, and getting their work ready for show, sale and charity.

The event itself will be really nice. Our Tea Party planners did a really nice job finding a lovely new venue this year, quaint and sweet. When you buy a ticket, you are entitled to take home a handmade mug, made by one of our guild members, which you get to choose from a beautiful table of mugs and teacups. Then you can relax, have tea and refreshments and socialize with potters and friends. There will be door prizes and raffles of all sorts of amazing ceramic work.

So, if you are interested – let me know and I can get you tickets!

Fell off a Wagon Right into Paris…Ontario

Today was a great day! I went to The Needle Emporium in Ancaster and did a little bit of yarn shopping, followed by lunch, then headed off to Paris, Ontario and touristed a bit.

By far the funniest thing I saw today was this in this discount store we walked by. It is this crazy huge picture, a holographic one that sort of moves/glints in different lights and angles. It is a moose…spitting or vomiting or something, some kind of misty stuff.

There is also a really neat linen shop there and we found these lovely mittens and as my fingers were cold as I forgot my mittens at home..snapped them up.

They also had these awesome big long needles that I have been hunting down for plush-making. They are actually for all sorts of other things like weaving, making rugs, mattress stitching, etc.

We then stopped into Brown Dog Coffee for a yummy latte (I had the Dalmation latte) and apple fritters (made on site) and french vanilla ice cream. It was needless to say, to die for!

Then on the way out we stopped at Mary Maxim in which a little bit of yarn and some cable hooks were acquired..then we made a stop at Knit One Bead Two in Oakville, Ontario which I find to be a really classy and nice shop. It makes me want to knit in natural colours and fibers all the time. They carry a lot of Americo yarns and Habu and really interesting imports you don’t often see in yarn shops. The beads are also beautiful and it has a very contemporary style and atmosphere that is warm and friendly. So, what was the stash enhancement damage you ask? Well…you be the judge on the naughty ….