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Grey Days and Rainbows

I have found that recently I don’t feel like going outside so much. It has been so grey, wet, cold and windy that there just isn’t much to do outside other than go shopping, which isn’t technically an outdoor activity. I like walking and hiking but living in the city, I am sort of limited to going to parks with trails..which right now are all mucky. So, more time on spinning on the bike or walking on an imaginary path on the treadmill…and well, doing fun things. Today I spent some time making some buttons and little cask like forms that I am going to keep making and do something white and perhaps jewellery or sculpture based with.

I did wander out and go to Linda’s Craftique and a few other shops in Port Credit. I was relatively good about yarn shopping and only picked up one skein of yarn…one I have not seen before and that I really liked. I think it will make fun socks – it’s called Fame Trend and made by Marks & Kattens.

I managed to walk away from all the Fleece artist yarn, Malabrigo and Noro lace and such. The Noro lace yarn seems quite nice although it is the normal variegation which makes me wonder how it knits up. I will have to do a bit of research on Ravelry to see what people are making. None of the colours they had in stock appealed too much to me but also I wonder if the lace work wouldn’t simply be lost in such a variegated skein.

Tomorrow is yarn swap at Knitomatic which I am looking forward to. I have about a half bag of yarn to off load and a bag of magazines I no longer need. Also it will be good to just hang out and knit. I haven’t really knit all week and I miss my friends that hang out there, and Haley of course!

Tonight’s dinner will involve broccoli and that’s all I know. Off to figure that out.