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Oldest Stash – Yarn Love Challenge

My yarn stash lives in 4 double tall giant Ikea basket towers in my studio. It is organized by colour and I try not to think about the age of my yarns. My tastes have changed a lot over the years and I do go through my yarn every few months and often take some to Knitomatic’s monthly yarn swap. I pull from it often to use random yarns for different things and I am not stressed about my yarn stash; though I do feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I finish using up a skein of yarn. It’s this concept of ‘1 down, ??? to go’. I have always laughed at the term ‘SABLE’ – Stash Aquisition Beyond Life Expectancy – but at the same time it helps me not worry too much about what to use my yarn for. I no longer feel like I have to qualify a project’s greatness to use that precious skein of Wollmeise or whatever. The truth is my favourite knitting is done with my own handspun. I also no longer go insane for yarn – because I have so much. I still buy yarn to support small producers, and for major projects. I will always buy yarn. I am a firm believer in if you want something to be there, support it! This applies to local business – bookstores, libraries, museums, art galleries, independent things, farmer’s markets, theatres – the things that keep us unique as a species, the things people put their hearts in to.

What often strikes me however, is the endurance of certain projects. I work on a lot of big, long-term projects, that I pick up and put down. The Beekeeper’s quilt by Tiny Owl Knits is a really good example of this. I still love making the hexipuffs for it – but I need about 1200 for a King sized quilt, and I think I have about 550 completed. It’s a great project to work on in confined spaces or when you don’t need to think hard.

Another long term project I am working on is a weird carpet I am weaving in circles. Last year I bought a larger round weaving loom so I will likely begin to work on it again.

When it comes to my own yarn that I dye and spin, if it doesn’t sell, I don’t let it hang about. I repurpose things in many ways. Lately I have been auditing my handspun art yarns and found a few that have managed to not find a home for a couple of years. I think it’s important to always have fresh things for people to appreciate at shows, and select for their own. So lately I have been crocheting hats out of the older yarns – and giving them their potential to become beautiful things. This is currently the yarn that has hung out the longers – almost 2 years…with no love. So, it’s becoming a hat.


Grey Days and Rainbows

I have found that recently I don’t feel like going outside so much. It has been so grey, wet, cold and windy that there just isn’t much to do outside other than go shopping, which isn’t technically an outdoor activity. I like walking and hiking but living in the city, I am sort of limited to going to parks with trails..which right now are all mucky. So, more time on spinning on the bike or walking on an imaginary path on the treadmill…and well, doing fun things. Today I spent some time making some buttons and little cask like forms that I am going to keep making and do something white and perhaps jewellery or sculpture based with.

I did wander out and go to Linda’s Craftique and a few other shops in Port Credit. I was relatively good about yarn shopping and only picked up one skein of yarn…one I have not seen before and that I really liked. I think it will make fun socks – it’s called Fame Trend and made by Marks & Kattens.

I managed to walk away from all the Fleece artist yarn, Malabrigo and Noro lace and such. The Noro lace yarn seems quite nice although it is the normal variegation which makes me wonder how it knits up. I will have to do a bit of research on Ravelry to see what people are making. None of the colours they had in stock appealed too much to me but also I wonder if the lace work wouldn’t simply be lost in such a variegated skein.

Tomorrow is yarn swap at Knitomatic which I am looking forward to. I have about a half bag of yarn to off load and a bag of magazines I no longer need. Also it will be good to just hang out and knit. I haven’t really knit all week and I miss my friends that hang out there, and Haley of course!

Tonight’s dinner will involve broccoli and that’s all I know. Off to figure that out.