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Family – Yarn Love Challenge

Family is a nice topic for me to write about these days because the concept has been entirely reshaped by the recent birth of my daughter, Matilda Bee. I have been blessed to have an awesome, supportive husband, who many of you have likely met at different shows that we take part in. He is 100% committed to being by my side all the time and helps me endlessly with my yarn endeavours, my business, my life in general, and now our child. He’s a great dad – I knew he would be from the moment I fell in love with him years ago, but it’s still really nice over and over, in my heart, to see his love in action. We were always family, with our 4 dogs, senior white’s tree frog, bunny and betta fish….but the arrival of this wee girl has really changed everything and amplified that feel a million times.