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Visual History of 2-Day Cherries Jubilee with Butter Crunch Icecream

Over Thursday and Friday I made Cherries Jubilee with Butter Crunch Icecream – every step by hand and homemade. How can dessert take 2 days to prepare you ask? Well, here is my visual history…what you don’t get to see is all the chilling time, churning time, settling time, and so on. It was too delicious for words though!

Cookbook and milk/cream/sugar mixture in saucepan

Recipe Sneak Peek

Milk/Creme/Sugar after simmering, now cooling over an ice bath

Walnuts on their way to be toasted

Butter Crunch – sugar, butter, vanilla, (butter caramel)  cooked – nuts added and spread on a pan to cool

Ice cream mixture added into churn

Butter Crunch added to food processor to be ground for adding to icecream

Cherries being washed, about to be stemmed and pitted

Cherries in the saucepan with kirsch, orange juice and sugar, warming

Cherries – Flambe for a minute until alcohol burns away

Heaven when cherries and icecream finally get to meet!