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Apparently…I am crazy when stagnant!

My poor little pup, Toasty, developed some kind of illness in the middle of last week and through the weekend so I stayed home with him…all….weekend. I have really come to the point in my life where I can’t ever stay inside the house for an entire day. I don’t know why…but it makes me insane…and makes me think about how I could be doing a million different things but I just sit there…and watch TV.  It’s bizarre but I think a testament to the human body and mind needing nature, activity and stimulation.

So, I looked at my to do list from last post…let’s see how I did:

1. Update Art Yarn page in the shop with all new art yarns.
2. Finish reading driving manual and look into booking test.
3. Review required updates to pottery guild website
4. Think about trip to US and PR stuff with husband, start a plan.
5. Determine packaging for wooden buttons and start packaging.
6. Dye sock yarn.
7. Photograph and update Ravelry with rebranding on new yarns.
8. Work on cowl pattern.
9. Walk every day.
10. Work on documentation database for work.

Ok, not too bad…I finished 4 of 10 things but also managed to finish a few things not on the list…like teaching the husband to weave the rope rug I have been working on so he can help me and as a result I finished 2 more circles and he finished a couple. Here are mine:


And, I made really good food, including lovely beef short ribs. Here’s a photo mosaic of the process:

On Sunday I finally broke down and had to take a walk. Toasty was starting to feel a lot better but still just wanted constant sleep so we packed him up in his own little, cuddly crate and walked the beach. It was a nice, inspiring walk and was very nice in that I felt like part of a busy, artsy city. It was quiet and had freshly snowed.

The swans that I visited throughout the summer were there. I photographed these babies in various stages of their growing up process. Now they just look like baby swans but in an adult size.

There were guys filming a music video, singing and playing guitar. They had a cool, little rolling track that the camera could move farther and closer on.

There was even a lady letting her wee bunny take a run around on the beach. He was wearing a cute, little purple sweater and I even got to give him a little cuddle but I only managed to photograph his butt.

Then I collected a lot of amazing drift wood, some charred and a bit piece that looks like a bird head from Beetlejuice or something. I love it!


And there was much knitting hexipuffs for my ever-loving Beekeeper’s quilt.

And, in the shop there is a big new art yarn update! Check out the shop here: http://www.studioloo.com/handspunartyarn.htm

Take a peek at these handspinnies!

Also, I am in the middle of re-branding, dyeing, and photographing a ton of new sock yarn and other yarns. But, my best friend, Mat of Manspun fame has also written a lovely sock pattern for use with my yarn.  It’s called Man-Tastic Socks! and works for men or women. It’s a fun knit and great with variegates, solids or semi-solids!

Pick up your copy here! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/man-tastic-socks


Wednesdays of Worry, Thursdays of Thousands of Things

Leading up to the semi-long weekend of Canada day proved to be rather busy and crazy. On Wednesday at some point, I noticed a little trail of blood on the cushion of the couch and immediately jumped into action to figure out who, what and why….

So then as I suspected, it was dog related, specifically, Poppy’s toe. I had this bad feeling that something more than a bandaid was going to be needed..just an inkling. I told Mat to bring Poppy upstairs and I got out all the first aid things, toenail clippers, etc. and then said a little audible plead while looking at this weirdly crooked toenail ‘Please…please be attached!’ and I looked to the sky. Then, I went for it…a little wiggle of the toenail revealed that yes, it wasn’t really attached…it had broken right at the root of the toe, sort of. So, I inhaled deeply and was somewhat panicked. I then thought I would turn to the internet for advice (why…oh why?) so I googled ‘dog broken toenail’ hoping, wishing…for an answer. Some part of me always hopes in these situations that there will be some tried and true granny’s cure for this.  I was kind of hoping for ‘soak the foot in vinegar and it will magically reattach the nail to the foot’ but who was I kidding? The creepy advice I did find was to ‘use a pair of clean plyers to pull …..’ and then I stopped reading, almost fainted and called the emergency veterinary hospital. So, one hour and $200 later….my dog is freakin’ adorable, but also, fixed, and well…stoned.

Yes, his little rubber cast said ‘OUCH’.

Now it is like nothing happened and he is back to the same fun, playful, crazy dog he always is. The nail has started to grow back again. What have I learned? Be ridiculously better at keeping his nails trimmed. They were a bit too long and this could have been prevented. I will make sure of it going forward. This is the reason he had prime rib for dinner. Oh yes…

So, Canada Day this year fell on a Thursday, yesterday, which I was kind of thinking was crappy because it isn’t a true long weekend. However, I have to say that with the exception of not getting to go to pottery class, I had an amazingly fulfilling day.

It started with fresh strawberry rhubarb crisp from this recipe. All of the ingredients were from my local farmer’s market haul for the week. I love summer…and this week has been so perfect weather wise. My local farmer’s market, despite not having any crafty element, is great for food, as one would expect.

Yesterday morning started with a clean kitchen and very little prep work:

Flour, butter, oats – oh my!

Clean and sliced rhub and strub!

Eggy, before the beating of a lifetime

Cooling a crisp on the window sill, a la June Cleaver

Alas, breakfast!

Then, with the weather being the blissfulness of sunshine and cool breezes, I decided a dog adventure was to be underway. So, I leashed up the pups and away we went to one of my favourite hiking trails with this little waterfall and river.  So, we walked and walked.

And then there we were at the river. The dogs played around in the water and it was really nice just getting my feet wet and splashing the pups.

After a good splash, lunch time was approaching so we started the trek back and stopped in a field of buttercups and wild flowers.

After tiring out the dogs I decided I needed to get back to the home stuff I was working on over the last couple of days. I have been loading myself up with all sorts of extra work lately but it has been worth it. I have not felt a lot like spinning because I don’t want to be stationary and I want to be outside. So, I figure I will do what I want as the feeling hits. For some time now I have felt like my bedroom is too…utilitarian. It was one of the rooms that I didn’t really get to do much with when I moved into this house because we had run out of time and energy having painted and decorated my studio and the entire middle floor of the house. So, it was a boring baby puke oatmeal kind of colour that I really disliked. There is, I have learned, nothing like a trip to Ikea to get the brain working way more than you ever need it to. So, with the purchase of a couple of plants…everything went awry. Next thing I knew I was going to the hardware store for some washers to affix my new shoe cabinet to the wall in the hallway. The colour cards for paint always draw my attention so I decided I wanted to paint my room an ocean blue colour, and next thing I knew I was walking out of the hardware store with paint and brushes and rollers. Then I remembered that I have been trying to clean and organize to entertain houseguests and sort of kicked myself for starting this whole shenanigan to begin with. But, oh well, it needed doing. All of the hidden things, like the carpeting under my bed, needed a good dusting/vacuuming and so on. So, now my room is done and it is all fresh and clean…but I am left needing a new solution for my necklaces. I had thought of one that I found brilliant over the last couple of years – hanging them on these wire towel racks. I could see them all, reach them and freely accessorize. However, DUST! ew….so, they need to be inside something. I hate dust. A lot! But I have an idea that yes, will require another trip tonight to Ikea, in which I also plan to buy a new blanket. Goodness help me if I leave with anything else. I don’t have anymore home reno time right now.

Anyhow, here is a bitsy of the bedroom, in bad light. Sorry..

The bed is not made as it was just put in that place. Also, I have never been much of a bedmaker. Sorry Mom.

It is a nice blue, and I sleep beside the window so it is really airy. It is accessorized with only what it needs and not a lot of extra crap to make my brain work too hard. The blank spot on the back wall will soon hold my new jewellery solution. There are lilac branches around the light fixture and yarn hanging behind the bed. It is an overall nice thing to look up at.

The new plants that started it all, a mystery succulent and an elephant’s foot palm, sit on my windowsill.

And, a simple little arrangement on my dresser.

This weekend promises to involve more cleaning, arranging and organizing. It’s the right time to do it – so fresh outside. I want to bring the outside in.

A Bit of a Lovely Weekend

I went back home for the weekend past and it was such beautiful weather and very pretty outside. We took the ferry from Prince Edward County to Kingston and it was nice. I have always liked taking the ferry, just looking out over lovely landscape and feeling the wind on your face, smelling the lake. It’s nice.

And, on the way to Little Bluff the following day, I saw this little bun..

I spent a beautiful Sunday at Little Bluff. This is from the top of the cliff looking down on the stone beach.

The ground was really nice, dry and cracked.

Then I went down to the beach and took a swim in the crystal clear water. It was a little cold but nice because the stones are so warm.

Then, on the way home, Poppy was really sleepy.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Yesterday was a great day. I got up early, opened all the windows in the house,  had breakfast and got started working away on a bunch of work stuff. Working at home can be so much more pleasant than sitting in a dull, flourescently lit office.  I got a lot of work done thankfully, but also embarked upon a recipe for Cherries Jubillle with Butter Crunch Icecream. I will post photos of the entire 2 day process a little later. Note to self – next time read the recipe to fully understand the prep time – holy cow!

Anyhow, other than working on that I also finished up a handspun yarn, my ode to the Golden Girls:

And, I finished up a bit of pottery, watched ‘Up’ and thoroughly enjoyed it and knit a bit of my sock.

I also emptied my camera of it’s pictures so here’s a bit of what I have been up to:

Worldwide Knit in Public day brought me to Hiawatha Park where I worked on my Totem Pole sock.

The tide had been high the day before so there was still a lot of fresh seaweed on the rock ledge just below where I sat. This is one of the most peaceful places in this city. I come here often just to look at the water, reflect and watch different birds swimming, fishing and flying. There were a lot of cormorants that day. I am starting to wonder if the introduction of their species to this area might be one of those ‘oops’ situations and now they are massively overpopulated. It sort of seems that way.

I am really enjoying the warm summer with cool breezes we seem to be having in springtime. It’s nice and I have even been making time to run, go for long walks and hikes and such. I am starting to find my balance among artistic endeavors, exercise activities and work.

I also love working at home because I can hang out with my dogs. I spent a good hour working away on a project plan and throwing this lamb rattle toy for Poppy. This is after he was sort of tired out, but still springing inward with energy. He’s a happy guy.

I have been cleaning the house like crazy too. Part of me could really love being a domestic goddess I think. The perfect life might be held in being your own boss, being artsy and just having time to look after a family and a house. I think my path is getting a bit closer to that. I am trying to take more pictures of the various houses and such I have lived in. I always think back to the different apartments and condos in which I have lived and wish I had more pictures of the decor.

I am the last of the holdouts in not buying one of those flashy flat screen televisions. We don’t watch a lot of TV in this house so it hasn’t been a priority much.

Here’s a bit of the yarn dyeing adventure from yesterday. These are still drying on the rack in the sunshine of my kitchen.

And I am engrossed in reading ‘Sweater Quest’ right now, and managed to finish up another octopus yarn bowl. I have 3 done and they will go into my next bisque. I went to the pottery guild lastnight and finished up a couple other pieces and threw more. I think I need another bisque before I will have enough to fill up a good portion of our large kiln for glazing.

And, now it is time to get cracking on more work stuff and start packing for the weekend. I am going away for a little bitsy, visting the family and such. Pictures to come!