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Catching up on Another Week!

So, perhaps last week (where does the time go?) was the Mississauga Potter’s guild potluck! I decided to make a couple of pies from recipes that have been in my recipe box since the dawn of time.

Pumpkin Dutch Apple Pie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

I got to spend a lot of time at the pottery guild last weekend and finally got to crack open a bag of the black clay that I bought. I really love it even though it feels like it is much messier/dirtier because it is black. It feels nice in the hands and seems to handle well. The only strange thing about it is that I find it harder to trip the strip at the bottom of the pot before removing it from the wheel head. It might just be me having a weird/off day so I will try again when I throw more of it and see if I have the same result.

The lighting is a little yellow in the studio but here is a picture of some of the forms I threw from it – I really love the colour.

Here you can really see the contrast between this medium white clay and the black.

On my adventures of book acquisition, I received a lovely book called ‘Nature as Designer: A Botanical Art Study’ by Bertel Bager and it is proving to be really inspirational for pottery. I am really wanting to take some time to make different pod forms.

This is the starts of a pod I was working on. It is now just about finished and drying up to be bisqued.

I have also been playing with fiber quite a bit (when not deeply entrenched in business plan and financial analysis – yikes). This is a sneak peek of a yarn I finished spinning today beside a bunch of little yarn orbs from yarns of the past. I usually collect them up in bunches and sell them off as little freeforming kits. People have a lot of fun with yarn scraps.

Speaking of yarn scraps, I am almost done my Totem Pole socks. This photo is from last week but I have now moved along quite nicely and I am just about at the toe decreases.

There is also a bunch of yarn dyeing going on as I am working on the Summer 2010 colourways of Doll Feet! I will announce when they are all ready to go to the shop. Here’s a sneak of some that are dry:

And my drying rack in the sunshine of the window – it seems never to be empty these days:

Before I Forget…and Warkwarth is Awesome!

I have this terrible habit of taking all sorts of pictures when I go places but then letting them sit on my computer desktop in folders instead of uploading and sharing them. So, I’m going to do a little bit of ‘before I forget’ today and also talk about the awesome art yarn spinning workshop I was lucky enough to teach in Warkwarth, Ontario.

First off – this was a lovely day in Port Hope, ON when I visited The Black Lamb and then took a little trek down to the waterfront to hang out with a bunch of Canada geese.

The geese seemed to look so regal next to the white landscape and all the pretty shades of blue in the sky and water.

It was really neat to look at all of the mini-icebergs and patterns that the ice was making as it was breaking away from the melting beach and soaring out into the open water.

Also, it was really neat to see the different patterns that all the goose feet were leaving in the ice and snow as the geese trampled around honking at each other.

Geese can be very cheeky and argumentative. I think it’s really fun to just sit quietly and observe them, or try to guess what their little spats are about. They seem to be so territorial that it seems amazing that they can travel in such form, in their V-formation, miles and miles to migrate.

I was also recently in Warkwarth to teach a working on art  yarn spinning, working with techniques and themes. It was a great turnout and a wonderful group of diverse women all very interesting and willing to learn, open up and embrace new ways of furthering their spinning experience. I had a great time meeting everyone and I feel like I was able to share a bit of what I love doing with a lot of talented spinners and fiber workers.  It was nice also that there was a bit of time leftover in the daylight, just to get to wander around Warkwarth. The town is a small, quaint one with lots of nice little shops, a very nice art focus, a nice bakery and some great coffee houses and local fare. They are planning right now, for this weekend’s maple festival. I am wishing I could be there!

I stopped into a nice little shop called Nature on Main St. and did a little bit of stash enhancement. I was surprised to see some locally dyed and even handspun yarn. I picked up this lovely hand dyed skein of violet sock yarn. It was dyed by ‘Jules’ whom I think may be the same Jules that was in attendance at my workshop. 🙂

I also stopped into Frantic Farms Clay and Glass gallery and picked up a couple lovely handblown glass balls for my collection in my kitchen bay window. It is a lovely shop run by a charming potter and her husband, a glass blower. They both did very beautiful work, including some incredible teapots in glazework that I really appreciated – from a wood firing kiln.

Very true to form however, on the way there, and driving through Castleton, I think….there came a stop in the road, where there were 2 large dogs just standing in the road. Being the extreme dog lover and rescuer of all lost and hurt things, my stomach began to hurt the minute I could see them in my line of vision. So, we slowed the car and I looked at them out the window. The one dog began to approach the car in a confident, testy manner. Both of them had expressions on their faces that seemed to be very challenging. Sadly, I could tell they were biters and I knew I would not safely be able to do much about this situation. I looked around and saw about 3 farms in my line of vision and I knew that they belonged to one of the farmers so I had to move on. I really wish however that people would learn to show enough care for their pets to keep them safe – on a leash, in the house, in a pen, etc. ….whatever keeps them off of the road. I think there is a major misconception that if you live out in the country, it’s ok to just let your dog run rampant. It isn’t. All it takes is for one speeding car on the road or even someone to look away from their path while sneezing, changing radio stations, etc. and your precious pal pays the price for your lack of care for their well-being. Rant over…..hesitantly. I swear I only feel this strongly about these things because I have seen it happen on more than one occasion and seeing a dog, the beings I love most in life, be hit by a car and killed is still one of the most painful experiences that plays in my mind. It has been over 10 years since I saw a big white van strike and kill a small beagle right outside the window of where I was sitting. I still remember the sound, the weeping old man who picked up his dog….and the fleeing van. I always swear that if I ever saw that van again I would definitely have to say something to the cruel driver who didnt even stop, because it was not one of those cases where he somehow may not have known that it happened. Just not possible.

So, if I don’t convince you, maybe the adorable forehead wrinkles of my weiner dog will.