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Poor Week and Summer

It’s about time I update this blog. Admittedly I am so bad at blogging – I blame life…and well, Facebook. Somehow it seems so much easier to chicken-tap a little writing there. I have truthfully been taking a hiatus from a lot of places I used to write – Ravelry, and so on. I just feel like I want to spend more time living, not writing about living – so that’s what I have been doing.

But, this blog is sorely missed and I want to re-focus some of my wasteful energies to it. Because I have something to write about today, it seems about time.

This week I am decidedly poor. Well, not really, but I am doing a little project on ‘making due’. I have had a whole bunch of expenses with a lot of business stock ordering and preparing for lots of upcoming shows so my bank account is sort of complaining back to me. I am not truly too poor or anything like that but I am not wanting to spend money right now. I am just feeling anti-spendy. Mike and I have decided this week that we are going to not do a big grocery shopping – we are going to eat what is in this house. We might cheat to pick up some essentials though – eggs, milk, butter. But that is it – only those staples.  This will be a 7 day project and I will be doing little updates with our meals and what happened.

Today’s lunch was the first of these ‘poor man’s paradise’ we are creating. We found 2 frozen burgers in the freezer and had some hamburger buns left over from the BBQ the other day – so Mike BBQ’d them and I was tasked with making a side dish in the time it took him to BBQ. So, I came up with a salad made of…

– Cubed watermelon (leftover from a few days ago and packed nicely in the fridge)

– Pumpkin seeds (from the freezer, organic)

– Grilled pineapple (the rounds from a can, asked Mike to grill them for me while making the burgers)

– Elderberries – (from the farmer’s market – last year, frozen)

– Rosemary and apple mint (from my front porch herb garden)

The salad was really yummy and the elderberries melted and gave a bit of a nice coating on the grilled pineapple. It was really refreshing.

I will be posting a big huge art yarn update in the shop on Friday. Here’s a sneak peek:


Don’t Stress, Figure it out, Make Lists, Do..There is no Try!


It is a somewhat busy day in the office, but more busy with anticipation of what is to come later this afternoon than burdnened with early morning tasks. There are things I could be working on but I am mostly just trying to plan out my day without feeling panicked I won’t get everything done. Lately I have been feeling bothered by the empty office, false lighting and buzzing ….the random buzzing. There is something about the office environment that involves many things making buzzing noises. I can often drown them out and I am today listening to the latest ‘Cast On’.  It is relaxing me and helping me stay somewhat on task. I am also thinking about the fact it has been ages since I last recorded an episode of Muststashyo. The next episode is basically ready to go, just needs an agenda and to be recorded. I think this whirr of feelings has more to do with so much change coming in my life, but also summer and the want to just be outside.

I have a major sense of overinspiration lately that leaves me somewhat unable to accomplish anything. Every time I think about doing one thing, I think of how many more ‘one things’ I have on my list.  I have been trying to attack this by bringing to my Monday night knitting group, a project that nears completion. Then I work on it and try to finish it while I am there. I got quite a bit done on a piece of altered art I am making but realized I need tiny nails to finish the rim.  So, tonight, the hardware store is on the list.

I need to spend some real time on my big giant priority – aka THE BUSINESS PLAN. There is so much more to tell about this but I am not there yet. Rest assured, dear blog readers, I will share my exciting news once I have it tacked town, tied up and smiling. I’m nothing if not kinky right?

The Farmer’s market is finally open. I am heading there this Sunday. It is open Fridays and Sundays in this city. I can’t wait to stock up on all things fresh, green and local. I have these visions of doing so much more once I have my feet firmly planted on the ground I want them to be on. Canning, pickling, preserving…galore! A bit part of me would love to be a domestic goddess/artist and I think soon I will have some sort of taste of that…even if I will have to be on overdrive to ensure success. I can do that. I’m no stranger to that.

Lastnight I cleaned my bedroom and I have purged thus far 2.5 big blue recycling bags of clothing. It’s amazing how much clothing I have. I used to be a crazy clothes shopper. Nowadays I don’t shop too much at all, unless it is something art related. I have also found myself in a situation where I have art supplies until the end of time. I often get these ideas that require me to run to the store, buy all the materials and set everything up. But then as time goes by and I still have had no time to make things come to fruition, I put these things away, into the studio. My studio needs to really be attacked – but not with purging, with finishing. So, that’s that.

I was thinking of doing a 101 in 1001 kind of arrangement. I might try to do 101 things in 1001 days. Make a counter and such…but I think first I will just try to list things I need to do. It’s healthy.

1. Business Plan
2. Find good accountant
3. Talk to a bank
4. Discuss much with L and S relating to TBL.
5. Renovate basement
6. Get M here
7. Update resume
8. Finish Doll Feet dyework
9. Podcast Episode 10
10. Prepare fiber palettes
11. Muststashyo page on Studioloo website
12. Update non-fibery pages of Studioloo
13. Make plush and birds
14. Whale painting
15. Take sewing classes
16. Guitar lesssons
17. Find a voice coach
18. Raw food diet planning
19. Dog training
20. Set weight loss goals and achieve with a plan
21. Research urban farming and what is allowed in PH
22. Organize Spin in Public Day in PH
23. Raise money for Sea Shepherd
24. Work on book
25. Design workshops
26. Wake up Yarn a Day
27. Set spinning goals
28. Etsy destash
29. Gnome
30. Altered art
31. Clean house
32. More hooks added to window in kitchen
33. Finish enough pottery for another bisque
24. CofC application
25. Foot therapy
26. Publish Muststashyo pattern
27. Yarn club
28. Fiber club
20. Tea order
21. Cashmere and Bamboo order
22. Contests
23. Clean out garage
24. Garage sale
25. Recipe database
26. Master Spinning Course
27. Find local fleece
28. Monthly Projects for Artists Project
29. Curriculum design
30. K for M
31. M Painting
32. Type up kiln instructions and save
33. Keep food blogging
34. Organize beads
35. Finish knitting WIPs
36. Finish blue skirt appliques
37. Finish mending things that need mending
38. Find blue paint, mix and paint bedroom

Wow, really, I am out of things to do already? Brain block…I will add to this later, maybe..or maybe not. I know there is much more than that. Although most of these are BIG things. Photos throughout this post were used because they make me happy, and I have taken no recent and relevant photos to add to this post. And, my blog needs photos. It just does. 🙂