Yay for Long Weekends!

It could not be a more perfect weekend. Yesterday the weather was so beautiful that I packed up all my stuff to head over to the pottery studio but then feeling the cool breeze and warm sun, I was drawn to take a nice walk. Everyone was out with the dogs and it was too fun. I then spent the afternoon working away on some pottery. I am hoping to have enough pieces to do a bisque firing soon. Here are a few pieces I am working on. Sorry for the bad photo – the lighting in the studio in this area isn’t the best.

I did quite a bit of sculpting yesterday, and carving, and then applied coloured slip to my Octopus and Squid bowl which is starting to come along nicely.

I am just cleaning off my desk this morning to record the podcast and then I think I will go knit at the park. Ooh..a sneak peak at a project I am doing for the podcast!