Ann Roberts Retrospective

Yesterday I had a lovely day trip up to Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph – checked out shops, had lunch, and wandered around the Clay and Glass Gallery.   That was definitely the highlight of the day as they have an Ann Roberts Retrospective and exhibition on right now. They have a LOT of her incredible work, displayed wonderfully. But better yet this weekend she is there doing handsculpting demos. It was lovely to watch her hands molding clay into the shape of a bull. She was depicting the story of Europa and the Bull, a story she has depicted a few times in the past. She had with her a couple of her ‘rejects’: these beautiful sculptures sitting only as examples of her path, where she wants the work to finish. I couldn’t help but mutter ‘stunning rejects!’.

Here are a few shots of Ann working and of her work currently on display: