Grow Old Along With Me

So, what have I been doing since the last time I blogged in early June? Oh….shows and sales, workshops, and um, getting married!!

So, I was married to my long time sweetheart, Michael, on June 15, 2011 and it was really and truly the best day ever and the finishing point to a very long road, and the starting line to what I hope will be a very long, exciting journey filled with laughs and joy.

I have never been terribly fond of posting photos of myself, or sharing them even. I find that when photos are taken of me, I often don’t look like myself or I just feel drained when people photograph me. I feel like they take a little piece of my soul away. I apologize if that sounds a bit drama queen/Lady Gaga-ish but it really impacts me. It’s weird and something I used to think I needed to work on, but now something I am quite content in feeling. Anyhow, I will share a few pictures because it was a big day.

This was wedding 1 of what will be a couple of wedding-ish ceremony type things that we have not worked out yet. This one needed to happen so we can start the next step relating to immigration, etc. I am thinking some time around our 1 year anniversary we will do something …but we haven’t worked it out yet. We don’t want to stress ourselves to pieces but we want everyone to come out and party with us. So, details to follow on that one….

We had a little honeymoony in Niagara Falls and it was really nice, perfect weather and just a relaxing, beautiful time. Here are some highlights:

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