Out of Blog Hibernation

Holy cow! I have failed at blogging recently, but it’s not because I haven’t been up to much. I have just been focusing a lot of doing different life stuff. I have joined a gym and I am working on a lot of personal health goals, and I have been up to a lot of fun stuff. But, I think I am ready to try to keep things in my online life up to date a little bit more.

So, each morning I still wake up and get to see my wee Poppy doing something cute, like sticking his tongue out at me.

The puppies have been doing really well although sometimes they perform self-imposed pillow seperation.

Lately I have also been feeling more creative with making breakfast. Breakfast is a meal that I struggle with. I am not really a breakfast person. I think it’s a genetic thing – my parents aren’t breakfast people either. However, everyone around me these days are breakfast people. So, I have been playing in the kitchen with some fun things. I will write up the recipes for both of these a little later so you can try them out for yourself.

First off – Sausage Fudge Pancake with Sugared Pecan Topping  (or as the boys call it – Pigs in a Mattress). I decided I needed to make something really special to go with this single press bottle of 2o1o maple syrup I splurged on. And it was totally worth it. Imagine a fat pancake with fresh organic breakfast sausage and bits of yummy dark fudge in the middle, sprinkled with sugared pecans and baked golden brown. Yes, it was that delicious!

Then I experimented with chicken and waffles and this has become a bit of a favourite for any meal when we are feeling like we have spent enough time at the gym. 🙂 Waffles are one of those easy go-to favourites that are really hard to mess up, and the batter is my dad’s old family recipe.

I have also been really busy with fiber related things. I will be getting studioloo.com updated this weekend with a bunch of information. First off, I have confirmed that I have the following shows coming up – with dates and links below:

April 2 and 3 – Etobicoke Fibre Arts Festival

June 11 – Stitch n Kitsch

September 10 – Kitchener Waterloo Knitter’s Fair

As such, I have been preparing and starting to get lots done. I am planning to do a lot of spinning in the upcoming weeks as well as a lot of dyeing and making loads of other things. I recently updated yarn stock at The Fibre Garden so if you are in the Niagara region and looking for some new yarns from me, check there. It’s a wonderful shop with lots of unique fibres. I will be adding a bunch of art yarns to my site this weekend, if not sooner.

I have also been dyeing up more bamboo sock yarn, and will have bamboo lace next week to get started in the dye pots.

And there has been mass felt making – beads and freeform!

I have been very busy with pottery as well. I am now participating in my pottery guild’s executive as the coordinator for monthly meetings and workshop planning. It has been nice scheduling guest artists to present to the members each month and also gives me a chance to do lots of baking. Right now, the boy and I have been making buttons like crazy!

I am hoping that winter starts to make more of an effort at going away. I really want to get to work in my backyard and try to turn it into a multi-purpose space this year. I need room for outdoor dining, the BBQ, and would like to have a bit of a garden. I see much pruning in my future.  I just want to get planting. Work has been unbelievably busy lately that I am behind in to many things. But, I am inspired by the lovely things I come across. Sometimes I find such pretty pottery that I can’t help myself. I recently picked up this plant pot – glazed amazingly in a colour and texture I could never get in non-toxic glazes I am sure.

And with spring, comes new shoes! These are my new shoes for the season. They are so cute and comfy. They are made by Groundhog shoes and are environmentally friendly.