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WIPs, Lots of Socks and the Need to Plan

I finished a big art yarn update in the shop lastnight. Here’s a little peek:

The beginning of each year always makes me feel like I need to lay down some kind of plan for all the events that I have coming up and jot them down on a calendar and make sure I am not planning on being in two places at once. This year is no exception. I have already been pleasantly surprised at how many requests for spinning workshops and invites to speak at guilds and such I have received. I am really looking forward to it. I always love meeting spinners of all skill levels and getting a chance to open up a few horizons here and there.

Also, I received my copy of 50 Socks – 50 States and I really love it. It is very nicely rendered on linked PDFs that share some info. about each state and of course, the sock pattern:

You can get your own copy here.

This week I am going to try to tackle one of my many work-in-progress knitting projects that has been sitting by the wayside. I think I will start with this one:

It is a sort of freeform capelet that I started one day while knitting with some Ravelry friends at The Purple Purl. I need to work on the shaping and I am planning on trimming it possibly with this scallop edging. I need to knit a bunch of red and black mohair poppies that will attach to it as well.

I have been taking photos lately of little nooks and crannies around my house because I love seeing what people covet and collect.

This is on a bookshelf in my house…here live a few gnomes, antique cameras, doll heads and one of my smashclocks. In the month of January so far I have donated 2 full car loads of ‘stuff’ that I no longer need. I am on this mission to purge and get rid of as much stuff as I won’t die without as possible. I feel lately like I want to spend my money and energy more on doing the things that allow me to live my life, not create my life inside a house/box. I think that is a happier way to spend my time. Of course the collector inside me is screaming a little…

I need to make beautiful things that I can give away so that I still experience the joy of creating but I don’t have a life full of objects that overwhelm me. This is why I am so excited about being on the last of 3 sessions of local pottery classes until I am allowed to join the pottery guild and take on a new creative path. Here are a few of the spoils from my last class:

I also make a teapot and a yarn bowl that I am really in love with. This is another art with endless possibilities and opportunity to learn.

Tonight I am off to see The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. I had planned to see it lastnight but wanted to stay home and check out the new Kids in the Hall show ‘Death Comes to Town’. I am so glad that I did. For those of you who love Kids in the Hall like I do, you will totally understand. For those of you who don’t know them at all, they have a really great, sometimes raw humour.  Here’s a look at the trailer. It’s not for kiddies or the delicate flowers of politeness:

Prince, Calming down, Yellow and Super Mario

Monday being the first day of the week at work I always feel a sense of needing to get everything finished or the world will meet some kind of demise. So, I am currently drinking some white tea with orange and trying to prioritize my everchanging job responsibilities and figure things out in how they should play out over the following year of going from being owned by one company to another. I don’t normally blog much about life stuff and the chances are I likely won’t too much here either…at least when it comes to work. We live in an age where I feel like people put too much of themselves on the internet without a real analysis of the potentials. Also, this is more of an inspiration blog for me..and a place to keep what makes me happy in my life, or takes up a lot of importance.

This week’s Fiber Friday theme is Prince, and the Picto Create image of the week is:

I think I am going to card up some batts to go along with this image. The colours are so rich and I think I have some perfect locks that I scored from HollyeQQ a whle back that would go lovely with this. I might even dye up some nice bamboo in gold and green. I have a ton of dyework to do both for myself and for The Black Lamb. I am hoping to get time to work on that this week. I also am planning to see The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and spend a night listening to Prince music and spin a Prince inspired yarn. I think I have the perfect shiny purple bamboo…but who knows what will end up happening…

Tonight is my local stitch n bitch and I totally can’t wait to just sit down and work on some artsy things. I have this notebook I am going to work on tonight as a break from my knitting. A few months ago, my friend Michelle asked if I would take part in a project that she is doing and I have not given it all the focus that I need to so I want to wrap it up by week’s end. The project is to use an old chemistry textbook as the canvas for an multimedia art piece that will be put together by many artists. I have finished a couple of pages. I will take some photos at some point.

And, if I get enough of that done ,I might get to work on my Super Mario Socks!

Also, today I joined

You can find me there also as ‘studioloo’.